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4403x8 Output Driver tautic

8 Channel output driver based on the MMBT4403 PNP Transistor

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This board has room for 8 MMBT4403 PNP Transistors along with 8 base resistors. Great for beefing up the drive capabilities of your latest microcontroller project when you need to source more than 20mA.



Bill of Materials

Designator Value Description
JP1 M10LOCK Header 10
JP2 M10LOCK Header 10
R1 RESISTOR, American symbol
R2 RESISTOR, American symbol
R3 RESISTOR, American symbol
R4 RESISTOR, American symbol
R5 RESISTOR, American symbol
R6 RESISTOR, American symbol
R7 RESISTOR, American symbol
R8 RESISTOR, American symbol
T1 PNP Transistror
T2 PNP Transistror
T3 PNP Transistror
T4 PNP Transistror
T5 PNP Transistror
T6 PNP Transistror
T7 PNP Transistror
T8 PNP Transistror



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